Tips and Tricks

This page contains an assortment of useful tips, tricks, and tools for candle making.

Color Formulas

Color Formulas: Liquid Dye mixing suggestions.

Color Suggestions

Color Suggestions: Ideas for selecting the perfect color to match your fragrance.

Comparing Scent Throw

Comparing Scent Throw: Is my candle strong enough?

DIY Candle Lid

DIY Candle Lid: Here is a great way to make your own cute and inexpensive covers for candles that don’t have lids..

Do It Yourself Wax Melter

Do It Yourself Wax Melter: For easy bulk wax melting.

Handy Calculators

Handy Calculators: Use these tools to calculate how much wax you’ll need.

Metal Tape to Seal Molds

Metal Tape to Seal Molds: An alternative to mold sealer putty.


Pillar Wick Pins: Learn the secret to getting perfectly centered wicks using pillar wick pins.

Safe Containers

Safe Containers: How do you know if a container is safe for candle making?


Votive Wick Pins: Learn the secret to getting perfectly centered wicks using votive wick pins.

Water Baths

Water Baths: How to set up a cool water bath.

Wick Centering Tools

Wick Centering Tools: Keep your wicks straight with these handy tools!

Scent Mixing Ideas

Scent Mixing Ideas: Need more scents? here are some scent mixing ideas.

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  1. Carrie Logsdon says:

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!! What wicks should I use for 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz mason jars??? The opening is 2.5in, however mason jars get a little wider after the neck. I’ve tried eco 10 6″ so far; have HTP 105 and CD 10 on the way. Eco 10 was recommended by a wick guide and there was barley a flame, and barley a hot throw (I’m assuming because there was barley a melt pool). I do not want to waste much more of my jars on trial and error.

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