Pine Cone Firestarters


These simple Pine Cone Firestarters make functional holiday gifts or scented décor!

You Will Need:
Straight Paraffin Wax (or preferred pillar wax)
Thick Raw Wick (we used 36-Ply Flat Braid)
Pouring Pitcher
-Cookie Sheet, Wax Paper, or Paper Plates
Fragrance Oil (optional)
Candle Dye (optional)
Thermometer (recommended)
Scale (recommended if adding Fragrance Oil)


Step 1:
Melt some wax in a double boiler. (Straight Paraffin Wax works best for this project but other pillar blends can be used.) While the wax is melting, wrap your wick around your pine cones, starting from the bottom and weaving between the scales of the cone so that the wick wraps around the center.


Step 2:
When you have wrapped the wick all the way around to the top of the cone, tie a firm knot at the top and cut the wick, leaving a few inches of wick to grasp when dipping the cones.


Step 3:
When the wax has melted completely to a temperature around 170-180 degrees F., remove the wax from heat, add your fragrance oil if desired, and mix thoroughly.


Step 4:
Prime your pine cones by dipping them all into the hot liquid wax. Hold the cones over the pitcher to allow the excess wax to mostly drip off.


Step 5:
Once primed, transfer the pine cones to a baking sheet, wax paper, or paper plates to cool.


Step 6:
For white pine cones, do not add any dye. As the wax in the pitcher begins to cool, continue to dip the pine cones until a thick coating builds up. It helps to do a few dips, set aside, and move on to the next cone, continuously until they are all fully coated.


Step 7:
If you wish to make colored pine cones, add some candle dye to the wax at about 170-180 degrees and mix thoroughly.


Step 8:
Dip the pine cones in the colored wax until the desired thickness is achieved. Set the pine cones aside to cool completely.


Step 9:
Trim the wicks on all the pine cones to about ¼” and enjoy! To use as decorative air fresheners, simply place them in a basket on a shelf or table. To use as fire starters, light the wick and place among fresh kindling in a fireplace. DO NOT attempt to burn as candles. The entire pine cone will catch fire. Burn only in properly ventilated fireplaces or fire pits.

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  1. Cheryl Martin says:

    Very cool.

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